Jake Owen shows off his palm trees and flower beds: “You have to make time for your flowers”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Palm trees and hydrangeas and impatiens, oh my! Jake Owen took to Instagram Stories to offer fans a tour of the flora growing on his Nashville property. 

The Florida native brought a piece of his native land to Nashville by planting palm trees near his driveway. Known as Christmas Palms, which have three branches per stem, Jake says their 30-gallon planters are “great” for allowing room at the bottom to fill with other flowers such as impatiens and dipladenias. 

“I like to make sure that my place is covered in palm trees, not to mention beautiful flowers,” he says. 

In fact, the singer has plenty of the plants lying around. During the video the camera pans over to a bed of pink impatiens that “love to draw butterflies,” as evidenced by a butterfly perched on one of the petals.

“What a beautiful little animal, sitting there sucking nectar out of my beautiful impatience,” the singer narrates. “I love creating beautiful habitats for all my butter friends.”  

The country hitmaker also has several white flowering hydrangea bushes flanked by a “beautiful” crape myrtle. “Sometimes they’re white, sometimes they’re purple, sometimes depending on how much you water them they’re brown,” Jake says with a laugh about the hydrangeas. 

Jake notes his jam-packed schedule can make it difficult to care for the plants. “You have to make time for your flowers.” 

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