What parents should know as formula shortage worsens nationwide

Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

(NEW YORK) — The nationwide formula shortage is causing stress for many families, with some beginning to lean on the online community, from Instagram to eBay, to find supply.

The shortage is due to several factors, experts say, including supply chain issues, rising inflation and previous recalls of baby formula products.

As of April 24, 40% of popular formula brands may be sold out at stores nationwide, up from 31% in early April, according to Datasembly, a firm that tracks products stocked on store shelves. Six states in particular also saw up to or over 50% of baby formula sold out in stores, including Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.

In response, some retailers are limiting the amount of formula customers can buy, leaving parents desperate to find the products their babies need.

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