Keith Urban gets a unique welcome to Bournemouth from a family of fans: “The shirt game was strong”


Keith Urban’s current run of international dates brought him to Bournemouth, England last week, where he got a warm — and creative — welcome from a family full of super-fans.

The family of five came to the concert wearing white t-shirts that each bore a letter of the singer’s name, so that when they stood in order, it spelled out “Keith” — and caught the singer’s attention. In front of a crowd of fans, Keith went down the line and said hello to each member of the family, including the especially starstruck parents.

“We’ve also got a room in our house that’s just covered in you,” the family’s dad, Dave, explained into a microphone. “Stalker!”

But Keith turned the potentially awkward moment into a joke, saying, “With your accent, it actually sounds like a nice person’s quality!”

The country superstar also greeted each of the couple’s three kids — two of whom were wearing cowboy hats — and even posed for a selfie with one of them. He also shared a few hugs with their mom, as she mouthed “Oh my God!” into the camera.

Keith shared the moment on Twitter after the show, captioning his post, “The shirt game was strong in Bournemouth.”

This week, Keith heads back over to this side of the pond for some more dates on his Las Vegas residency.

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