Report: Britney Spears pleads to end conservatorship in voicemails leaked by ex-manager Sam Lutfi

ALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Britney Spears‘ fight to end her 13 year conservatorship apparently began just as soon as it was enacted. 

According to alleged voicemails that the pop star shared with her self-proclaimed ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, she’s been fighting since at least 2009. In the first clip shared to Lutfi’s Instagram, a voice Lutfi claims is Britney states, “I want out of this conservatorship.”

The “Toxic” singer, who shares sons Sean and Jayden with ex-husband Kevin Federline added, “I’ve been blackmailed by visitation with my babies by the conservatorship. I’m confined, restrained, and stripped of my civil rights. And I demand the state of California to review this case because I feel it’s illegal. Bye.”

In a second unverified message purported to be Britney, she checks in to make sure that the ball is rolling on ending her conservatorship, which is run by her father Jamie Spears, who she claimed “threatened me several times that he’ll take my children away.”

The pop icon then requested new representation from John Eardley and John Patterson in a third audio post that Lutfi said is from 2009.

In the fourth post, Britney again allegedly makes an impassioned plea to remove herself from the conservatorship, maintaining, “I am of sound mind and body. I do not want a conservatorship.”

She also reiterated the claim that her “civil rights are being violated” and that she’s being “held against my will.”

Lutfi expressed his frustration that none of these voicemails were taken seriously and were thrown out by judges despite being “time and phone number stamped.”

“These calls are to my phone, these calls cost me a ton of money in court, tarnished my name further but also tore my soul apart, I had no idea where to turn, no one was listening no one seemed to care,” he wrote.

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