Marilyn Manson asks judge to toss Esmé Bianco’s lawsuit, calls it part of a “coordinated attack”

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Marilyn Manson has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought against him by Game of Thrones alum Esmé Bianco.  In February, the actress accused him of sexual assault and sexual battery — claims Manson’s legal team previously said are “provably false.”

TMZ obtained the latest round of court documents pertaining to the shock rocker’s case.  Manson, born Brian Warner, claims in the dismissal request that Bianco filed her lawsuit too late and, therefore, outside the statute of limitations.

Warner, who is also facing lawsuits from model Ashley Morgan Smithline and his former assistant, Ashley Walters, claims he is being victimized by a “coordinated attack.” The singer expressed in the documents that the women have launched a smear campaign against him and are “cynically and dishonestly seeking to monetize and exploit the #MeToo movement.”

According to the files, the 52-year-old insists Bianco took her accusations a step further, claiming she “spent months plotting, workshopping, and fine-tuning” her allegations into “twisted tales that bear no resemblance to reality.”

Earlier this year, Bianco told ABC News that Warner had physically, sexually and psychologically abused her during their three-year relationship. “I was coerced, I was defrauded, I was transported from the U.K. to the U.S., I was harbored, and then I was coerced into involuntarily servitude, which included sexual abuse and physical abuse,” she said.

Bianco’s allegations came after Warner’s ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood publicly stated he had “horrifically abused [her] for years.” 

A ruling has yet to be made on the rocker’s latest filing.  Bianco has not yet responded to Warner’s claims.

Warner denies all wrongdoing and claims his relationships with all four women were “consensual.”

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