George Clooney tours damage after his Italian getaway is spared from historic flooding


George Clooney visited with Laglio, Italy Mayor Roberto Pozzi in the wake of flooding and mudslides there that devastated the historic community.

Clooney and his wife, Amal, own an 18th-century villa in Lagio, and while his property reportedly was spared any damage, Clooney pledged his support to get the community back on its feet. 

“It’s so much worse than anybody thinks,” Clooney told Italian media, according to video posted by The Sun. “We were in Cernobbio and it was very bad, but here in Laglio it’s much worse. They think it could be years and millions of dollars before they fix it up.”

Days of torrential rain led to a river swelling over its banks, causing mud and tree trunks to sweep through Lagio, leveling homes in their wake. “All hell broke loose,” the Oscar winner recalled.

Clooney vowed, “This town has been here forever, it’s going to continue and it’s going to be stronger and come back better, this is a very resilient town.”


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