Lil Nas X trolls fans with “uncensored” “Industry Baby” video

Filip Custic @filipcustic1

Lil Nas X set the internet abuzz again with the video for his new song “Industry Baby” — in particular for its NSFW prison shower dance sequence featuring pixelated nudity.

Now, Lil Nas is teasing an “uncensored” version of the video. For those curious enough to click, the video starts off as normal but once it gets to the shower scene the screen freezes as if it’s buffering — but the song continues.

Yep, he trolled us. Well played, Lil Nas.

The “uncensored” video has nearly four million views on YouTube, and fans were left laughing in the comments.

“If it’s one thing Lil Nas is gonna do, it’s TROLL lmaooo. we knew this was gonna be click bait and yet here we are,” one wrote.

Another added, “This is daylight robbery. He really got ad revenue and streams TWICE. Nas is a genius.”

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