Therapy, friends & family: How Shawn Mendes is spending his free time now

BG020/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Now that Shawn Mendes has canceled his entire tour, he suddenly has a whole lot more time on his hands.  And he tells TMZ that he’s filling that time with things he simply hasn’t had time for while he’s been busy being a global superstar.

TMZ caught up with Shawn at an airport and asked him how he’s been spending his days. “I’m taking a lot of time just, like, doing therapy … just taking it easy, spending time with family that I haven’t been able to,” he replied.

When asked if he’s been doing anything fun, Shawn said, “Yeah, I think for me it’s just about spending time doing things that I haven’t really done over the last few years … having dinners with friends and stuff.”

As for fans who want refunds on hotel and travel they booked to see his now-canceled tour, Shawn tells TMZ that he thinks “we’ll figure it out,” adding that “everything’s kinda workable, y’know?”

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Shawn actually spoke to TMZ instead of telling them to buzz off, well, he IS Canadian, after all.

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