Mickey Guyton’s a big fan of Steph Curry on the basketball court, but his singing voice? Not so much


Worlds collided earlier this month at the 2022 ESPYs, where Mickey Guyton was on hand as a performer — and she got to watch NBA great Steph Curry, who was hosting the show, try his hand at singing from the stage.

For anyone who didn’t watch the show, Steph was just wrapping up his monologue when Jay Pharoah — an actor and comedian — popped up onstage to serenade him, singing that he “finally made it” now that he’s secured an ESPYs hosting gig. Steph chimed in for the final bars of the song, displaying some pipes that — well — don’t quite match up to his athletic talents.

After the show, when ET Online asked Mickey for her professional opinion on the pro basketball player’s singing, she jokingly demurred. “He’s really great at basketball. Like, really good at it,” she said, smiling.

Meanwhile, next to her tennis legend Billie Jean King had kinder words to share. “Actually, he was good!” she chimed in.

“You know, I’m gonna let you …” Mickey said, dissolving into laughter and batting Billie Jean on the back as she dodged the question.

Later on, Steph replied to Mickey’s critique of his singing voice. “If we find Mickey at the YMCA or something, get some shots up, I’m about to critique her jumper,” he replied with a laugh. “We’ll see who got closer.”

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