Jon Pardi’s wife confirms his love of Wrangler jeans: “Wrangler all day”

Capitol Records Nashville

If there’s one thing Jon Pardi loves as much as country music, it’s his Wrangler jeans. 

Jon’s wife, Summer, was answering fans’ questions via Instagram Stories when one of them asked about Jon’s style habits, particularly involving his jeans. 

“Does Jon really wear Wranglers most of the time or is it like some singers just for the stage?” the fan inquired. “On and off stage. Wrangler all day,” Summer confirmed. “However – he does have tailored ‘show jeans’ and ‘at home/work jeans’ that are baggier.” 

The “Dirt on My Boots” singer can often be seen wearing his Wranglers onstage and when he shares social media videos of him working at home on his farm in Nashville. Summer reveals that the couple now has 18 animals on the property: four dogs, four cats, five cows and five goats. 

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