Trisha Yearwood shares her favorite ways to prepare common kitchen ingredients


Trisha Yearwood can’t be stumped in the kitchen. 

In addition to her career as a country music superstar, Trisha is also a legend in the kitchen, as seen on her long running show on the Food Network, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. And there’s no ingredient that Trisha can’t find use for. 

Citing homegrown tomatoes as “one of my favorite things on the planet,” Trisha recommends chopping them up in a salad or even eating them whole. For her other “favorite ingredient,” potatoes, Trisha isn’t picky about how they’re prepared, whether it’s scalloped, mashed or potato salad. 

Though she’s known for her southern recipes, the expert baker knows her way around tofu, revealing that she makes a “really good” tofu ricotta that she eats as a dip with chips or throws into a tofu lasagna. She also adds an upscale take on frozen tortellini that she’d incorporate into a breakfast quiche with sausage, cheese and egg. 

For a personal touch, her original biscuit mix is inspired by her dad’s recipe. “I would make this on a Saturday morning and remind me of home when I was a kid,” she describes. And speaking of home, Trisha is a lover of Georgia peaches, whether eating them sliced raw or baking them into one of her “signature dishes,” peach cobbler. 

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