‘Ms. Marvel’ stars Rish Shah and Yasmeen Fletcher recall the “excitement” of landing their roles

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(SPOILERS) Ms. Marvel had its exciting finale last week, and fans are still buzzing about an after-credits scene that finally links Iman Vellani‘s young heroine to the “M” word: mutant.

The final episodes also revealed the true nature of Rish Shah‘s character Kamran, who begins as something of a love interest to Vellani’s Kamala Khan and becomes something else entirely by the series’ end.

Both Shah and his co-star Yasmeen Fletcher had an idea of who they were being cast to play — despite Marvel’s notoriously strict security — so that made the auditioning process all the more nerve-racking.

“It’s difficult when you’re auditioning for something you really care about,” Shah tells ABC Audio. “It’s the most difficult thing sometimes!”

He adds, “And so when you finally get the call, then you’re going to be a part in this project, it is like a huge sigh of relief and also just pure excitement and a lot of tears. So yeah, it was it was probably the best, best night of my life.”

Fletcher agrees. “I knew Nakia and I was a fan of the comics before, so I liked her character already,” she says. “But I remember reading the breakdown for the audition being like, ‘She’s so similar to me, like, this is going to be so fun and so easy!’ And I immediately connected with her as a person.”

She adds of the role, “When I got the call, I had already thought that I didn’t get it. So I had mourned it, had the funeral for it, and then out of the blue got the call that I did get it. So it was all the more of a shock and excitement and all of the emotions all at once!”

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