Meghan Trainor sings about a “very toxic relationship” in upcoming new single

Disney Channel/Image Group LA

Meghan Trainor is ready to jump back into her music career and teased an upcoming new song on her TikTok, titled “Bad For Me.”

“Wrote this after I realized I needed to step away from a very toxic relationship,” the Grammy winner described in her video. She noted that toxic relationships aren’t just about friends, adding, “Sometimes that can include family.”

Meghan began playing a short clip of the upcoming single, which included the lyrics, “Please don’t make promises that you can’t keep/ Your best intentions end up hurting me/ No matter what, I love you endlessly/ But I gotta run, I gotta run from your reality/ I know we’re blood, but this love is bad for me.”

It should be noted that as the singer previews her new song, she has “my therapist told me to write a letter …” spelled out on the signboard behind her.

While Meghan has not revealed when “Bad For Me” is coming, she did reply “yes” to an eager fan asking if it comes out this month.

She also confirmed this means her new album is in the works and that “Bad For Me” is its lead single.

Meghan previously said of her new studio album when speaking with PopCulture last month, “I’m doing more the doo-wop style, like my first album,” saying unlike her first album, Title, this new effort talks about motherhood.

“I talk about that in my music,” said Meghan. “And I talk about also how it’s hard and I’m not perfect all the time. And I’m learning to love that.”

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