LA Angels get shut out after every player used Nickelback as walk-up music

Matthew Eisman/FilmMagic

There was no “Savin'” the Los Angeles Angels baseball team from their current losing streak Wednesday, even with — or, perhaps, because of — an assist from Nickelback.

Every Angels player used a Nickelback song as walk-out music during their game Wednesday night against the visiting Boston Red Sox. According to ESPN baseball reporter Alden González, the Angels coaching staff came up with the idea in an effort to “shake things up” after the team had lost 13 straight games.

Among the songs that were used were “Photograph,” “Rockstar” and “How You Remind Me.”

Unfortunately for the Angels — but fortunately for all those who enjoy making Nickelback jokes — the team not only lost to the Red Sox, they got shut out 1-0.

At least the Angels social media team was able to have some fun with the situation, posting the iconic Chad Kroeger “Photograph” meme photoshopped with an Angels hat and the score.

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