Mark Tremonti teases “complicated,” “dark” new Alter Bridge album: “It’s definitely a brain-burner”

Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

Alter Bridge will be channeling Avril Lavigne in at least one way with their next album.

Speaking with ABC Audio, guitarist Mark Tremonti describes the upcoming effort as a “very complicated record.”

“There’s a lot of stuff going on,” Tremonti says. “There’s a lot of information to take in.”

The shredder adds that working on the album “made our brains hurt.”

“A lot of these songs, they’re not just verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus, they’re, like, 15 different parts that you gotta memorize,” Tremonti explains. “It’s definitely a brain-burner, at first.”

Alter Bridge’s most recent album is 2019’s Walk the Sky, which, at least relative to the rest of the band’s discography, was a brighter, more upbeat listening experience. This new record, Tremonti laughs, is “not that.”

“I was just talking to [frontman] Myles [Kennedy] the other day, he’s finalizing a lot of lyrics, and he’s, like, ‘Yeah, it’s kind of a dark record,'” Tremonti shares. “I had brought in a song that was more of an uplifting tune for the record, and [Kennedy’s], like, ‘Yeah, thank god we have this one, because most of it’s kinda dark…we don’t want everybody to be depressed.'”

While you wait for Alter Bridge’s new album to arrive, you can also look forward to Tremonti’s upcoming Frank Sinatra covers album. The compilation, due out May 27, will raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society.

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