Luke Combs’ wife Nicole shares her pregnancy cravings + more in an Instagram Q&A


Luke Combs and his wife, Nicole, are expecting a baby boy soon, and they’ve been relatively private about her pregnancy — but the singer’s wife shared an update during an Instagram Stories Q&A last week.

One fan — and fellow new mom — asked Nicole for her thoughts on how to “cope” with bringing a child into the world, and the singer’s wife replied that she’s planning on her son getting a healthy amount of outdoor time.

“He’s going to be spending a lot more time outside than in front of a TV, I can promise you that,” Nicole wrote. Though the prospect of bringing a child into the world — especially given the COVID-19 pandemic, the current baby formula shortage and a host of other concerns — can be scary, Nicole’s confident in her support system.

“I’m pretty comfortable because I know my son will have good role models in his life. I can’t control the world, but I can make sure he grows up in a good environment,” she adds.

Nicole also listed some of her pregnancy cravings and aversions. “[A]ll meat, eggs, coffee, garlic and onions” were off the table during her first trimester, but she’s been craving fruits and sweet foods. As someone who’s not normally a dessert person, it’s like she “discovered a whole new world,” she adds.

Nicole also recently posted a slideshow of recent shots, including several bump photos and a picture of her and Luke at what appears to be a baby shower.

The country star couple hasn’t specified exactly when they’re expecting their new addition, but he’s likely to be born within weeks — their pregnancy announcement lists the due date as spring 2022.

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