Tim McGraw and Faith Hill celebrated their wedding anniversary by filming an intense scene on ‘1883’

Amy Sussman/WireImage

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill certainly had a memorable wedding anniversary filming a particularly challenging scene on the set of 1883.

Tim recalls that the couple’s 25th anniversary happened to fall on the day they filmed the episode where the Duttons have to make the treacherous journey across the river in the dead of night, with Faith’s character Margaret tasked with carrying the wagon. 

“I was scared to death for it. We did that scene at 3:30 a.m. in 36-degree weather. We were soaked. And it was our 25th wedding anniversary,” Tim recounts to USA Today of the grueling filming experience. 

Despite the harsh conditions, Tim admits that Faith actually enjoyed the experience, so much so she became an “expert” at hauling the wagon. “She spent most of her time driving the wagon and was pretty darn good at it,” he praises. “She had more fun doing that than anything.” 

As for how the couple commemorated the special occasion? “We went home and went to bed as the sun was coming up to get ready for the next shoot,” he recalls. “But it was certainly an exciting 25th wedding anniversary.” 

1883 served as the 10-episode prequel to Yellowstone. 

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