Hayley Williams shares Paramore’s connection to Taylor Hawkins: “It’s like we stole a blessing”

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

As the rock world continues to mourn the unexpected death of Taylor Hawkins, Hayley Williams has shared a story about Paramore‘s connection to the late Foo Fighters drummer.

In the latest episode of her Everything Is Emo BBC Sounds radio show, Williams explains that the drum kit used by Zac Farro during Paramore’s first shows and tours used to belong to Hawkins.

“A friend that lived in town lent [Farro] a drum kit, which he ultimately gave to him, and it belonged to Taylor Hawkins first,” Williams shares. “Taylor had sold his drum hit to a place called Fork’s Drum Closet in Nashville that has been a staple in our city for a really long time.”

“The fact that, somehow, Zac ended up with Taylor Hawkins’ kit for our first shows, our first tours, it’s like we stole a blessing from Taylor Hawkins,” she laughs. “It’s like we took it as him saying, ‘Yes, go for it.'”

Williams clarifies that she doesn’t “want to center myself or Paramore in the conversation around Taylor Hawkins’ death,” while adding, “It’s just to say that he meant a lot to so many people.”

“There’s so many stories I’m sure we’ve yet to hear about him,” Williams says. “Things that he’s done for people, ways that he touched people’s lives.”

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