Duran Duran releasing NFT collection inspired by “Invisible” music video

Credit: John Swannell

Duran Duran is about to release their first NFTs, a series of 100 unique digital collectibles created by the Artificial Intelligence program Huxley, which also collaborated with the band on the music video for their recent single, “Invisible.”

Duran Duran’s INVISIBLE Collection of NFTs will be available this Thursday, December 16, at 1 pm ET at the OpenSea platform. The NFTs will be released by the CUB3 compnay in conjunction with Los Angeles-based Gabba Gallery, and are priced at .2 of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

On Wednesday, December 15, Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes will take to Twitter Spaces at 1 p.m. to discuss the NFTs.

“Invisible” was released in May as the first advanced single from Duran Duran’s latest studio album, Future Past, and the video premiered at the same time. According to a press statement, to create the “Invisible” video, Huxley “took the concepts that are rooted in human language and iconic symbolism and translated them into provocative and daring imagery.” The images created by Huxley were influenced by the song’s lyrics and emotional tone.

The NFT collection has been curated from images that appear in the video. You can watch the clip on Duran Duran’s official YouTube channel.

Future Past, Duran Duran’s first studio album since 2015’s Paper Gods, was released in October and peaked at #28 on the Billboard 200.

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