Ed Sheeran says he found his purpose in life after becoming a father

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Ed Sheeran is a multi-Grammy winning artist who’s toured the world numerous times — but he says that all pales in comparison to being a father to his daughter, Lyra.

Speaking to the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, the “Shivers” singer said his daughter is now 15-months-old and is “walking, talking… constantly with a bit of bread in her hand.”  As for what words Lyra has already mastered, Ed said she’s saying “dada and mama,” but declined to reveal which one came first.

However, he says being a father has given him a greater purpose in his life — more so than his music career.  Ed says he started music as a hobby, which later became his job and he got swept up in the ebb and flow of making albums and going on tour. 

Although he said he “loved” all of it, he confessed, “I just found that I didn’t really have any purpose outside of that.”  The 30-year-old explained that, whenever he forced himself to step away from his job, “I wasn’t doing anything I enjoyed because I loved doing music.”

Ed says being a father “has given me purpose and something in life that’s actually more important than my job.”

Even more, the “Bad Habits” singer says it’s way harder for him to be away from his daughter than his music, elaborating that even though he won’t be able to physically hold Lyra for another “four days,” it’s been “really, really difficult.”

Ed shares Lyra with his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

Later on the show, he performed his song “Shivers” to the masked-up audience.

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