Watch Demi Lovato & G-Eazy recreate their “Breakdown” video for ‘Tonight Show’ performance

Sean Gallagher/NBC)

Some artists will sing about their personal problems, but not many would sing about them in front of a screen filled with news headlines about their personal problems.  Demi Lovato and G-Eazy do just that in their latest video, and they recreated it Tuesday night for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Performing their new duet “Breakdown,” Demi and G-Eazy stood next to each other onstage, each in front of a video screen.  Demi’s monitor displayed news headlines like, “Demi Lovato Says She Wanted to Give Up,” “Demi Lovato: Shocking 911 Call” and “Demi Lovato Suffered Three Strokes After Overdose.” 

Meanwhile, the rapper performed in front of a screen with headlines like, “G-Eazy Arrested for Assault and Drug Possession,” “G-Eazy Sentenced in Swedish Court” and “More G-Eazy Breakup Drama.” 

As G-Eazy delivered the song’s lyrics — which detail how the pressures of fame and having so many people depend on him led him to make bad decisions — Demi sang the hook, “Oh, I’m in the middle of a breakdown baby/I need you to come over/and tell me this’ll be over soon.” 

The two shared a hug at the end of the performance.

“Breakdown” is from G-Eazy’s new album These Things Happen Too, which came out on Friday.  He told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that he applauds Demi’s “bravery” in sharing their troubles “on a very, very, very public level.”

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