Beartooth wants you to “get every dollar’s worth” from live show

Courtesy Red Bull Records

If you catch Beartooth on their current tour in support of their new album, Below, then you’ll finally be listening to it in its intended environment.

“Musically, it was truly designed for a live show,” frontman Caleb Shomo tells ABC Audio of Below. “The whole record, front-to-back.”

Shomo started writing the music to what became Below while on tour in early 2020, but the lyrics didn’t come until the world was plunged into the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is an album full of devastatingly dark lyrics set to energetic, driving riffs that explode into giant choruses bursting with emotion. In other words, it’s perfect for the Beartooth live experience.

“I think about what do I love when I go to a live show,” Shomo explains. “I love jumping around and going nuts to riffs, and I love singing until my voice is gone. I just try and curate an environment [where] that’s possible.”

Overall, Beartooth’s goal is for “every single person who buys a ticket gets every dollar’s worth out of that thing.”

“We wanna play more songs than we’ve ever played,” Shomo says. “We wanna play louder, play harder, have a better light show, have better production elements, have more interaction throughout the whole event.”

Beartooth’s tour continues Tuesday night in Sacramento, California.

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