Boosie drops new video for “Premonition,” featuring a hologram of Rihanna

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Boosie has unveiled the music video for his latest single, “Premonition.” It features clips of the Louisiana rapper smoking in a car with friends while he raps about dreams and reflects on his time in prison. The nearly three-minute video also features an image of his former crush: Rihanna.

“Feeling like I can have her, now she don’t want me,” Boosie raps as a hologram of the singer with black hair appears next to him. 

Due to Rihanna’s new relationship with A$AP Rocky, Boosie recently decided to let go of his years-long crush on the singer. But that didn’t stop fans on Twitter from making jokes about Boosie’s infatuation with Rihanna.

“Boosie is out his damn mind for putting a hologram of Rihanna in his video,” tweeted one fan, while another wrote, “Lil Boosie funny af. Rihanna is with A$AP Rocky, my boy. She ain’t never leaving him. She’d be a damn fool.” One more fan said, “Boosie better get his badazz on somewhere with that damn Rihanna hologram in his video.”

“Premonition” is available on Boosie’s mixtape, GOAT Talk 3, which is out now.

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