Opry’s “Next Girl” Carly Pearce has her dress picked out, with some surprises up her bedazzled sleeve

Allister Ann

Shortly after Dolly Parton‘s surprise invitation last month to join the Grand Ole Opry, Carly Pearce wasted no time getting ready for an event she’s dreamed of practically her whole life: her induction into the country music institution. 

“I feel like I’m getting to plan the best day of my life,” the Kentucky native said just days later. “I’m like planning the biggest party of my life, so just trying to make a few special moments and working on that, and it feels surreal a little bit.”

“I’d be lying if I said I don’t already have my dress, because I do,” Carly admitted.

Now with her August 3 induction a little more than a week away, fans have even more reasons to be excited.

“I feel like the next few months are just gonna be full of — I’ve been working really hard on more stuff,” Carly teases. “And I actually get to, without saying too much, I get to almost marry some of those people that I talk about from the Opry with my current music and some of the extension of 29 that I’ve been working on.”

Right now, 29‘s first single, the autobiographical “Next Girl,” is just a couple steps away from breaking into the top fifteen.

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