Chance the Rapper breaks down the vision behind his film, ‘Magnificent Coloring World’

Courtesy of Starbucks

Before the summer ends, Chance the Rapper will share his first concert film, Magnificent Coloring World. The Chicago native says the idea for the film was inspired by the 2016 tour for his Grammy-winning mixtape, Coloring Book

“While I was on tour, I had this idea about stages and how like my stages flush with the crowd along any stage,” Chance tells ABC Audio. “I wanted to figure out a way like how to make the view of it more panoramic and create like basically a multi-stage set.”

During the pandemic, Chance explored his filmmaking aspirations by educating himself on film and editing. He says he envisions a set with “five stages that are connected in like a semi-circle, and then the audience is all in this big bleacher that’s across, so it looks like an uppercase D.”

The “No Problem” rapper says he’s excited for fans to experience this particular arrangement of songs, as well as new footage, which was filmed and edited at his House of Kicks production house.

“I built and designed my own stage and curated like a song list and a direction for the camera,” Chance says. “It’s so hard to explain. It’s one of those things where I promise…once you see it, you’ll be like, ‘oh, that’s amazing.'”

House of Kicks is also where Chance the Rapper filmed the launch video for Starbucks’ Made-Ready campaign, inspired by the coffee company’s bottled and canned drinks.

Magic Coloring World premieres in select AMC Theatres on Aug. 13.

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