Here’s how you can get Alicia Keys to personally serenade you on your birthday

Courtesy American Greetings

Alicia Keys has teamed with American Greetings for a series of music video greetings that feature the Grammy-winning star singing a personalized message just for you — as long as your name isn’t something really, really weird.

Part of American Greetings’ “Smashups Music Video Series,” the Alicia Keys “Your Day” ecard shows Alicia performing a version of her song “New Day,” from her 2012 album Girl on Fire.  The video can be personalized so Alicia literally dedicates the song to you — that is, if your name is one of 1,000 names on the drop-down list, which starts with “Aalam” and ends with “Zooey.” 

The card can also be personalized so that Alicia dedicates the song to an endearment, such as “Babe,” “Sweetie” or “Honey,” or to a loved one’s title, like Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Buddy, Coach, Nana and more. Sadly, those celebs who named their kids “Bear” or “Apple” or “Lyra” are out of luck.

“I always wished I could celebrate birthdays and other special moments with each and every one of the people that love and support me and my music and I’m so excited that now I’m able to do just that with these incredibly special SmashUps,” Alicia says in a statement. “You are going to feel it and LOVE it!”

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