Jason Derulo says he “spoke” his baby son “into existence”

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Jason Derulo and his girlfriend, Jena Frumes, welcomed their first child, Jason King, on May 8. Jason says he always knew that they’d have a boy, because he literally willed it to happen.

“My brother has girls, and my sister has a girl, so I knew we needed a boy to carry on the name, literally. We needed to have a boy because the Derulo name was out,” Jason tells People magazine. “I spoke him into existence.”

But then Jason went the extra step of naming the baby after himself, explaining, “I wanted my name to continue to thrive, and I also thought that it would bring me closer to him.”

As for whether little Jason will follow in his dad’s footsteps, the “Savage Love” singer tells People, “He seems to really adore music already…it’s the only thing that keeps him calm. He’ll be going crazy one minute and then you start playing some music and he’s okay.”

In fact, Jason says the baby has inspired him to start courting a new audience.  “I was actually thinking of making some kiddie music for him…He’ll be the first critic,” says Jason of the baby. “If he likes it, then I guess the other kids will like it.”

But Jason’s dreams for his son’s future have more to do with the gym than the recording studio.

“I want him to have a foundation in health and fitness,” he explains. “I want to see what he gravitates towards, but I want to expose him to a lot so that he can choose his own way. But for me, it is a must that he does sports, for health reasons.”


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