Florida man is upset he received two replicas of Joe Jonas’ hands in the mail

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Back in May, Joe Jonas teamed up with the travel site Expedia to give away some unusual promotional items: 550 3-D printed, limited-edition autographed replicas of his hand.  But now one man in Florida is annoyed that he’s received two of Joe’s hands in the mail — and he didn’t even enter the contest to win them.

The Washington Post reports that the man,  56-year-old retiree Sean O’Farrell, had no idea what the hand was, until he did a Google search and found out about the giveaway.  The only problem is that he hadn’t logged into his Expedia account in five years, and he certainly hadn’t given the company his information in hopes of receiving a hand.

Sean shrugged it off and forgot about it — until he received yet another hand a few weeks later.

“I’m like, ‘You have got to be kidding me,'” he told The Post, the publication in which he first read about the contest.  In fact, he tweeted The Post after receiving the first hand and wrote, “Expedia keeps sending me Joe’s hands. Up to 2 so far. I’m 56, a dude, and haven’t done business with Expedia in 5 years. Any ideas?”

Expedia told The Post that starting in mid-June, it began shipping 550 of the hands to the U.S., U.K. and Canada, but only to those who’d entered their name, address, phone number and email address into a dedicated site.

Expedia thought maybe someone O’Farrell knows entered his info, but Sean said he’s asked everyone  and nobody has ‘fessed up.  For now, O’Farrell is keeping the hands in a closet, and he said he’d only sell them in order to give the money to charity.

“If I get a third one, I’m gonna lose my mind,” he declared.


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