Tank reflects on the connection between new music and his 2001 single “Maybe I Deserve”

Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Tank is putting the finishing touches on his 10th album, R&B Money. As a preview, the R&B singer released his vulnerable single “Can’t Let It Show,” where he talks about love and heartbreak from a woman’s perspective.

Despite similarities in the song’s message to his 2001 single “Maybe I Deserve,” Tank says he didn’t consider sampling the older tune for his new track.

“I don’t even think that far back into time,” he tells ABC Audio. “I just kind of move forward, and if something connects to something from then or from there, that’s great. Let’s bring it all full circle.”

Tank adds, “I don’t think men do enough of understanding from a woman’s perspective. So [I’ll] always have that conversation.” 

“Maybe I Deserve” — from Tank’s debut album, Forces of Nature — was his first single to chart on theBillboard Hot 100. The 45-year-old artist reveals that he plans to continue speaking from a woman’s perspective by including a sample of his hit record on the upcoming track “I Deserve.”

R&B Money album sneak peek!” Tank wrote Monday on Instagram. “What if I told you 21 years ago that I’m going to sample myself 21 years in the future and make a new hit record? Would you have believed me?”

R&B Money arrives this summer. 

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