“You’re going to need a suit”: ‘The King’s Man’ gets new red-band trailer

20th Century Studios

20th Century Studios has just released an action-packed, new red-band trailer to its pandemic-delayed prequel film, The King’s Man

As previously reported, director and producer Matthew Vaughn fleshes out the early days of his gentlemanly spy agency as seen in the two modern day-set Kingsman films. In the original, Colin Firth‘s Harry Hart tells  trainee Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton, about the Kingsman spy agency’s start in the wake of World War I, when powerful men pooled their resources to create Kingsman to “preserve peace and protect life.”

Here we see one of those powerful men, Ralph Fiennes‘ Duke of Oxford, meeting with Rhys Ifans‘ Rasputin, trying to get an audience with Russian Czar Nicholas II.

“I only make decisions when my stomach is full or my b***s are empty,” the bearded menace declares.

“Well, thank goodness dinner is being served,” the Duke quips in response.

The Duke recruits his son, played by Harris Dickerson, as an agent to stop the coming global conflict, which seems to have been set in motion by a cabal of evildoers, Rasputin among them.

“While government waits for orders, our people take action,” The Duke tells his son. “You’re going to need a suit.”

The trailer also shows co-stars Djimon Hounsou and Jemma Arteton getting in on the action in a big way.

The King’s Man, which also stars Stanley TucciAaron Taylor-Johnson and Daniel Brühl, opens December 22.

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(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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Get a first look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Di in teaser to ‘Spencer’

NEON Films

NEON Films has released a teaser-trailer to Spencer, the film that has Kristen Stewart portraying Princess Diana.

Set to a choral version of Lou Reed‘s “Perfect Day,” the clip juxtaposes servants laying out royal finery for a sumptuous holiday dinner with Stewart’s Diana, tearfully looking at herself in a bathroom mirror.

“Ma’am?” a servant knocks at the door. “They’re waiting for you.”

Diana is shown hurrying down a hallway to dutifully make an appearance with the other guests at the table, looking unsteady as she does. 

As previously reported, Spencer takes place in the 1990s and will have Stewart playing Diana over a crucial Christmas holiday during which she plotted her divorce from Prince Charles and began charting a life away from the British royal family.

The snippets shown in the teaser get increasingly frantic, with Diana literally spinning out of control.

“They know everything,” a woman tells Diana.

“They don’t,” is her Stewart’s somber reply.

The synopsis from production company NEON reads, “December, 1991: The Prince and Princess of Wales’ marriage has long since grown cold. Though rumours of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at Sandringham Estate. There’s eating and drinking, shooting and hunting. Diana knows the game. This year, things will be a whole lot different.”

Princess Diana was killed August 31, 1997 in a car crash in Paris that was caused in part by a high-speed pursuit by paparazzi. Her partner, Dodi Fayed, and their driver, Henri Paul, were also killed. Paul was later found to have been driving drunk. A bodyguard survived the crash.

Spencer debuts November 5 from director Pablo Larrain, who previously called the shots on Natalie Portman‘s Oscar-nominated 2016 Jacqueline Kennedy biopic, Jackie.

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“You’d be surprised where I can land”: James Corden reveals helicopter hangout with Tom Cruise

Terence Patrick/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Tom Cruise recently paid an unexpected visit to a British family when he landed his helicopter in a family’s field in Warwickshire, England. But James Corden revealed it’s not the first time the Top Gun star wanted to drop in, literally, for a hang out. 

Corden explained on his Late Late Show Wednesday that his movie star pal wanted to get together while Cruise was in the U.K. where he’s working on the seventh Mission: Impossible film. 

“He sent me a text saying, ‘Whereabouts are you staying?'” Corden recalled to his audience. “And I said, ‘I’m staying in St. Johns Wood,’ which is pretty central in London…”

“And he said, ‘Cool, can I land my helicopter there?’ And I just presumed he was joking.”

He wasn’t, Corden found out, holding his phone to the camera as proof. “[Tom texted], ‘Can I land my heli in your yard?’ I sent back four crying emojis because who can land a helicopter in a yard? And he put, ‘Does that mean no?'” 

While Corden doubted he had the room for such a parking job, considering the small yard, he should have known not to doubt Maverick. “You’d be surprised where I can land,” Cruise responded.

As reported earlier this week, one of those who was surprised was Alison Webb, who had been informed that an “unnamed VIP” needed somewhere to land as Coventry Airport nearby airport was shut. She quickly learned it was Cruise, who not only greeted the gobsmacked family graciously, but gave rides to Webb’s kids and her partner’s children.

“It turned out to be an incredible day,” she told the BBC. “It was surreal, I still now can’t believe it happened.”

Mission: Impossible 7 is expected to open in theaters on May 27, 2022.

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Reese Witherspoon eats cake and dances in sweat pants to celebrate the first day of school


Reese Witherspoon let fans know that she is doing more than fine now that summer vacation is over.

The Legally Blonde star shared a hilarious life update to her Instagram on Wednesday, where she is fully celebrating the start of the school year.

“When the kids go back to school and you have the house to yourself,” she wrote in the caption, adding in three cartwheeling emojis.

The video, set to Junior Senior‘s “Move Your Feet,” shows Reese dancing barefoot in her kitchen while wearing a mustard yellow sweat shirt and matching pants.  

The actress also pours herself a cup of coffee and flashes a grin from different angles before shoving her bare hand inside a recently made funfetti cake.  The video ends with her grinning widely as she shoves the huge hunk of cake into her mouth.

The video’s comment section was filled to the brim with crying laughing emojis, with several coming from famous friends like Diane KeatonUzo Aduba and fellow Morning Show co-star Karen Pittman.

In addition, fans also celebrated the official start of school by sharing with Reese how they rejoiced when their kids loaded up on the school bus.

The 45-year-old actress is the mom of three children, 21-year-old Ava Phillippe and 17-year-old Deacon Phillippe, as well as Tennessee James, who is eight.

Reese shares Ava and Deacon with ex Ryan Phillippe.  She shares Tennessee with husband and producing partner Jim Toth.

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People jokingly compare Kristen Stewart’s ‘Spencer’ poster to Jennifer Lawrence’s tumble at the Oscars


If life imitates art, then Jennifer Lawrence was way ahead of the curve when she famously took a spill at the 2013 Academy Awards.  

On Wednesday, the official poster for the Kristen Stewart-led film Spencer, a movie about the late Princess Diana, was released. While the image depicts Diana weeping into a satin gown, people said it reminded them of JLaw’s infamous tumble.

Both women are wearing white, strapless gowns in the photos and have their backs turned to the camera as their hands cover their face.

Fans were quick to poke fun of the movie poster online, with one person sharing the two stills side-by-side, and writing, “Can’t believe they’re making a movie about Jennifer Lawrence falling at the Oscars.” Others joked that the Spencer poster is actually a tribute to the Hunger Games star.

A few even suggested that the artistic team behind the Spencer poster is hinting that the movie is Oscar-worthy, as Lawrence famously fell on the stairs as she was about to collect the award for Best Actress, for Silver Linings Playbook.

Pablo Larraín‘s Spencer, which is set in 1991 and chronicles the breakdown of Diana and Prince Charles‘ marriage, is due in theaters November 5.

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Ron Jeremy indicted on more than 30 counts of sexual assault

David McNew/Getty Images

Ron Jeremy was indicted on more than 30 sexual assault counts involving 21 victims over a period of more than two decades, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday.

The indictment replaces the criminal charges filed last year.  A grand jury returned the indictment August 19 after considering all the accusations from the 2020 charges, according to the announcement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

The 67-year-old adult film star, born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, has remained in jail since being arrested last summer on $6.6 million bail.

Jeremy pleaded not guilty to all charges.

“Far too often, survivors of sexual assault suffer in isolation,” District Attorney George Gascón said in a statement, according to the industry publication.  “We must ensure that survivors have all options available to help with recovery, including trauma-informed services for healing and support to report such crimes.”

Jeremy is scheduled to return to court on October 12 for a pretrial conference.

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Streaming today on Netflix: the documentary ‘Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed’


Netflix has just released its anticipated documentary Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed, about the rise of late, legendary soft-spoken painter Bob Ross.

The streaming service calls the film a “shockingly untold story,” and for those who’ve seen Ross’ iconic The Joy of Painting series, it is eye-opening. Behind the canvas and those “happy little trees” the painter created was a seething battle over the rights to his image and his name that continued even after his untimely cancer death in 1995.

Director Joshua Rofé tells ABC Audio that he was intrigued at the very beginning of the project, noting, “As soon as we were met with resistance from people who were expressing fear of even speaking about Bob publicly due to concerns with being retaliated against from a legal standpoint, we knew that there really is something here.”

The filmmaker adds, “Bob is amazing, Bob is an icon, Bob is obviously magical and transcendent in all of these ways. But if you then introduce this other element that seems to be a part of the story, then you really have something.”

Ross’ usual on-air comments about his canvas being the “only place I have control” take on a different meaning when viewed in the context of his off-screen life, and what he saw as the loss of control of his destiny, and his legacy, both personally and financially.

Rofé says, “[Y]ou can see how angry he is, actually…But if you don’t know the context, you would never guess that Bob Ross is angry….It’s fascinating to see, because you can see how it is really just bubbling up inside of him and he has to get it out.”  

Melissa McCarthy and her husband and producing partner Ben Falcone co-produced the film.


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Letitia Wright injured shooting ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

Marvel Studios

Letitia Wright was injured Wednesday during an overnight shoot in Boston for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

She “sustained minor injuries today while filming a stunt,” a Marvel spokesperson tells Deadline. “She is currently receiving care in a local hospital and is expected to be released soon.”

The NAACP Image Award and SAG Award winner is reprising her role as Shuri from Black Panther, a science and technology wizard who’s the sister of T’Challa, also known as Black Panther, who was played by the late Chadwick Boseman.

While Wright shot her scene in Boston, primary production for the sequel is taking place in Atlanta.

Incidentally, Wright was spotted yesterday at MIT, along with co-star Danai Gurira. The location is important to Marvel Comics fans: not only is it Tony Stark’s alma mater, but the school is also attended by Riri Williams, who in the comics creates her own Iron Man-like suit and becomes Iron Heart. Actress Dominique Thorne has already been confirmed to be playing Williams in Wakanda: Forever, before the character is spun off into her own show on Disney+.

Gurira, Angela Bassett, Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong’o, and director Ryan Coogler are also returning from the 2018 film, which has grossed over $1 billion worldwide.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to open July 8, 2020.

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“It still doesn’t seem real” — ‘Archer’ stars on the show starting its 12th season tonight

On FXX tonight at 10 p.m. ET, the four-time Emmy-winning animated spy series Archer kicks off its twelfth season with two back-to-back episodes. 

Amber Nash, who plays hard-drinking, hedonistic H.R. rep Pam Poovey on the show, tells ABC Audio of the show’s longevity, “God, it doesn’t seem real!”

She continues, “When we first started, we were like, ‘Is this show going to fly? Like, are we going to get away with all this stuff?’ And then once, like, season two hit and people were kind of all about it, it was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is so crazy.’ I still can’t believe it’s been going on for 12 years.”

Lucky Yates, who plays the spy show’s morally flexible mad scientist Algernop Krieger, agrees. “It’s nuts.” 

He says of his dark alter-ego, “Getting to play the wild card type character in anything is the dream for me.”

Nash credits the show’s cast — which also includes the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer, SNL vet Chris Parnell as Cyril, Aisha Tyler as Lana, Judy Greer as Cheryl/Carol, and the late Jessica Walter as Archer’s boozy mom, Malory — with its long life. 

“The casting was so great that even though we’ve never, I mean…Lucky and I didn’t meet everybody until a few seasons in, like it still felt like everybody was in the same room together.”

She added, “It was really kind of magical how it all worked out.”

Yates teases tonight’s installments, saying, “The first episode, I laughed all the way through it…The action is amazing. There’s so much packed into the first episode, it feels like an hour-long thing. And then the second episode is almost brilliant slapstick.”

He adds, “This season is hilarious.”   

Archer also streams next day via FX on Hulu.


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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer shatters ‘Avengers: Endgame”s records

Photo: Matt Kennedy/©2021 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.

Sony’s release of the teaser trailer to Spider-Man: No Way Home topped a high-water mark set by collaborator Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame back in 2019. 

The peek of Tom Holland‘s next adventure as the web-slinger broke the all-time 24-hour record for most global trailer views with 355.5 million, compared to Avengers: Endgame’s, 289 million views.

No Way Home‘s trailer scored double the viewership for its previous entry, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and also shattered Endgame‘s record for the largest 24-hour “social media conversation,” with 4.5 million mentions around the world.

Stateside, Far from Home generated 2.91 million mentions in 24 hours, while in just 12 hours, the new Spider-Man adventure was mentioned 1.96 million times in the U.S. alone. 

Starring Holland, Benedict CumberbatchZendayaJacob BatalonAlfred MolinaMarisa Tomei and Jon Favreau — and a host of still-secret co-stars — Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters December 17, 2021 from Columbia Pictures and co-producer Marvel Studios.

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