‘Just Friends’ reunion: Amy Smart and Ryan Reynolds appear in “stupid ad” for Reynolds’ Aviation Gin

Maximum Effort

Amy Smart reunited with her Just Friends co-star Ryan Reynolds nearly 18 years to the day the rom-com premiered.

But according to the ad, she wants no part of what turned out to be a new Friendsgiving spot for his Aviation American Gin brand.

The ad has Amy entering a greenscreened version of a cozy, holiday-decorated living room in New Jersey and saying her line, which conspicuously sounds like ad copy.

“This is weird,” she admits, scrunching up her face.

However, as they run through multiple takes, she gets wind that something is up. “So this is a stupid ad for your gin company?” she asks.

“Well, let’s not rush to judgment,” Reynolds says. “This is a self-funded sequel predicated on a loose interpretation of IP law,” he attempts, before admitting Amy is right.

“Wow. Dirty,” she says miffed, before walking out of frame and smashing the bottle off-camera.

“Wow,” Ryan says. “Never work with your heroes, right?” Amy then responds off-camera, “You’re not my f****** hero!”

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