Cannons’ Michelle Joy feels “unsafe and violated” after audience member gropes her during concert

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Cannons frontwoman Michelle Joy has issued a statement about making the band’s shows a “safe space for ourselves and everyone” after she was groped by a concertgoer during a recent performance.

“It was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever experienced and a complete invasion of my space, privacy, and body,” Joy writes in an Instagram post. “It left me feeling unsafe and violated.”

“Sexual harassment will absolutely not be tolerated at any Cannons show,” the “Fire for You” singer continues. “Especially being a female fronted band, we care deeply about our shows being a safe environment where not only women, but everyone regardless of gender, age, race, sex etc. can come together and share in the joy of our music, ourselves included.”

Joy concludes telling anyone at a show that if they “ever feel unsafe or see something that doesn’t feel right, please let someone around you know.”

“We encourage you to speak up, be kind, and take care of one another,” she says.

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