Francia Raísa says she and Selena Gomez needed “time apart”

Matt Winkelmeyer/FilmMagic

Despite rumors that the two are feuding, Francia Raísa showed up to support her friend Selena Gomez at Selena’s Wednesday night benefit gala for her Rare Impact Fund. Speaking to E!, she acknowledged that all the hateful comments she received as a result of the alleged feud were difficult to deal with.

“Obviously it got to me. I got some pretty crazy comments. I had to block some people,” she tells E! “And then people texting me, ‘Are you OK?’ And like, honestly, I wasn’t because we weren’t in a great place. But at the same time, we needed that time apart.”

Asked how important Selena’s friendship is to her, Francia told E!, “She has a piece of my body so it’s very important.” She added, “She’s my sis, and every relationship goes through its ups and downs. And I don’t know why the media started following me over the summer, but thank you so much because not only did it bring my friendship back together, but I got to share the new endeavors that I’m doing right now.”

She added that Selena has been supportive of one of those ventures: her own salsa line.

Francia also told Extra that friendships “can get rocky and tricky” at times, adding, “Sometimes, I feel people need to spend time apart in order to grow.”

Rumors of the so-called feud between Selena and Francia, her kidney donor, date back to last November, when the two exchanged not-so-friendly comments online after Selena called Taylor Swift her only friend in the industry in a Rolling Stone story. But in March, Selena called Francia her best friend, then wished her a happy birthday in July. In August, Francia said on a podcast that there was no beef.

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