2019 song by Katy Perry goes viral, gets big streaming boost

Capitol Records

Back in 2020, Katy Perry promoted her album Smile with Potty Jams, her series of video performances in a bathroom. Now, TikTok has discovered those performances and turned one of them into a viral hit.

Billboard reports Katy’s Potty Jam performance of her 2019 single “Harleys In Hawaii” — especially the part where she sings the words “you and I” as “you and ayyyyyyeeeeeyeahhyeahhhhh!” — has been used in many creators’ videos and has racked up millions of TikTok streams.

According to Billboard, streams of “Harleys In Hawaii” have nearly doubled since the end of September; they’re up 93% from the previous week.

The final performances of Katy’s PLAY Las Vegas residency at Resorts World began Wednesday night; she’ll wrap up her run on November 4. “Harleys In Hawaii” isn’t a regular part of the show, but who knows? Maybe she’ll throw it in to acknowledge the trend.

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