Blink-182 thanks fans for support following “ONE MORE TIME” single release

ABC/Michael Desmond

Blink-182‘s new single “ONE MORE TIME” has got the band members and their fans pretty emotional.

The title track to Blink’s upcoming comeback album premiered on September 21 alongside a video featuring Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker taking a journey through a collage of the band’s past clips. Meanwhile, the song details the trio’s personal hardships with lyrics such as, “Do I have to die to hear you miss me,” a possible reference to Hoppus’ 2021 cancer battle, which led to DeLonge’s return to Blink after a seven-year absence.

In an Instagram post reacting to the response to “ONE MORE TIME,” Blink writes, “We just wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the love and support over the past week, months, years.”

“Seeing you at the shows, reading all of your amazing comments and having you on this journey with us gives this band life,” the post continues. “We cannot wait for you to hear the rest of this album! So from the 3 of us…WE LOVE YOU & THANK YOU.”

The album ONE MORE TIME…will be released on October 20. It marks the first Blink record featuring DeLonge, Hoppus and Barker in over 10 years.

Blink-182’s currently in the middle of the European leg of their reunion tour. They’ll be back in the U.S. in October to headline the When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas.

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