What’s on Mark Hoppus’ Mount Rushmore of Blink-182 songs?

ABC/Paula Lobo

How does your list of the best Blink-182 songs compare to Mark Hoppus‘?

In a TikTok video, Hoppus responds to a fan asking him to name his Mount Rushmore of Blink tunes. His picks? “Dammit,” “Feeling This,” “What’s My Age Again?” and “ONE MORE TIME,” the title track off Blink’s upcoming album.

You’ll be able to hear “ONE MORE TIME” and decide if it belongs on your personal Blink Mount Rushmore when it premieres Thursday, September 21.

The album ONE MORE TIME…, Blink’s first record with founding member Tom DeLonge in over 10 years, will be released October 20. It also includes the previously released single “EDGING.”

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