Johnny Marr announces solo best-of compilation, ‘Spirit Power’


Johnny Marr has announced a new solo best-of compilation, Spirit Power.

The 21-track collection, due out November 3, collects highlights from the ex-The Smiths guitarist’s four solo albums: 2013’s The Messenger, 2014’s Playland, 2018’s Call the Comet and 2022’s Fever Dreams Pts 1-4.

You’ll also find two new songs, “Somewhere” and “The Answer,” as well as several previously unreleased demos and alternate recordings. You can listen to “Somewhere” now via digital outlets.

“I’ve played a lot of arenas over the years, and in terms of songwriting, there’s nowhere to hide,” Marr says of “Somewhere.” “For a song to work, it has to be a banger. I know it’s almost uncool to think in those terms, but I grew up in a house where my parents listened to Motown, where you couldn’t get a song released if it wasn’t full of hooks.”

Here’s the Spirit Power track list:

“New Town Velocity”
“Easy Money”
“Spirit Power & Soul”
“Hi Hello”
“The Messenger”
“I Feel You”
“The Answer”
“Spiral Cities”
“Night and Day”
“Sensory Street”
“Walk Into the Sea”
“Tenement Time”
“Hi Hello (Demo)”
“Somewhere (Demo)”
“The Answer (Crazy F Version)”
“The Messenger (Demo)”
“Speak out Reach Out (Crazy F Version)”

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