Dangerous heat wave hits eastern US: Latest forecast

ABC News

(NEW YORK) — A dangerous heat wave is hitting the eastern United States.

On Monday, several cities broke records for the all-time hottest Labor Day ever, including Minneapolis at 98 degrees and Atlantic City, New Jersey, at 94 degrees.

On Tuesday, the heat will stretch from Minnesota to Texas to Massachusetts.

Temperatures could reach a scorching 99 degrees in Washington, D.C.; 91 degrees in New York City; 97 in Raleigh, North Carolina; 93 in Minneapolis; 91 in Chicago; 100 in Oklahoma City; and 102 in Dallas and San Antonio.

In Pittsburgh, many schools have shifted to remote learning due to the heat.

In Washington, D.C., the mayor has activated a heat emergency.

The heat will end over the next few days in the Midwest and the Great Lakes, but it’ll remain in the South and the Northeast. In New York City, temperatures could reach 90 degrees three days in a row, marking the first heat wave of the season for the city.

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