What farewell tour? Ted Nugent has at least three other gigs lined up

Scott Legato/Getty Images

Ted Nugent recently wrapped up his Adios Mofo ’23 farewell tour. But if you didn’t see him, you apparently have three more chances in the next couple of months, starting Friday, September 1.

In the latest episode of his series The Nightly Nuge, the rocker thanked everyone who has come to his concerts over “the last 65 years” — which would indicate that he’s been playing since he was 10 years old — and then added, “By the way, I’m gonna continue.”

Nugent says he’ll be “on stage with STYX” at “a casino in Michigan,” referring to the band’s show September 1 at Firekeeper’s Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan. He adds, “Night Ranger is coming to Jackson, Michigan, and I will be on stage with Night Ranger. And then in October, Sammy Hagar‘s coming to Michigan, and I will be on stage with Sammy Hagar.”

Night Ranger is playing Jackson, Michigan, on September 8, while Hagar is playing Firekeeper’s Casino on October 21. 

“I’m still enthused and inspired and motivated and stimulated beyond measure, as you can tell, by my passion for the music,” he adds. “But it’s because my music represents the human experience.”

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