Oh, that *NSYNC ‘Trolls’ reunion song is definitely coming

DreamWorks Animation

The rumor that the new Trolls movie, Trolls Band Together, would feature a new song by *NSYNC appears to be true.

Posters spotted in NYC include an image from Trolls along with the “*N” of the *NSYNC logo. The posters also include a QR code — when you scan it you’re taken to TakeYouToABetterPlace.com. That website also features Trolls imagery and the “*N.” 

If you click the “play” button on the website, you’ll hear a loop of a whistling musical melody. You can presave or pre-add this mysterious song and sign up for a newsletter.

As previously reported, the plot of Trolls Band Together involves Justin Timberlake‘s character, Branch, teaming up with his long-lost brother to reunite their boy band, BroZone. On August 9, Justin posted footage on his Instagram Story that showed him vibing in a recording studio with JC Chasez.

On August 16, JC posted a Q&A on his Instagram in which he said he’d been “thinking about other boy band ventures.” He added, “Y’know, you never know what could happen.”

When/if the song finally does appear, it’ll be the group’s first release since that 2002 remix of “Girlfriend” featuring Nelly.  

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