RATT’s Stephen Pearcy on their new box set: “That’s about as close to a reunion … as we’re gonna get”

Courtesy of Chipster PR

RATT’s first five albums are being celebrated with a new box set, The Atlantic Years, dropping Friday, June 9, and frontman Stephen Pearcy is excited for its release.

He tells ABC Audio the set “is the true history with all five guys,” referring to the classic lineup of Pearcy (vocals), Warren DeMartini (guitars), the late Robbin Crosby (guitars), Juan Croucier (bass/vocals) and Bobby Blotzer (drums).

The set includes 1984’s Out of the Cellar, 1985’s Invasion of Privacy, 1986’s Dancing Undercover, 1988’s Reach for the Sky and 19909’s Detonator, along with the 7-inch single of “Nobody Rides for Free,” which was released in 1991 and featured in the Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves flick Point Break.

Pearcy says of all those records, Out of the Cellar is his favorite “because it was our first anything.” The album featured the band’s big hit, “Round and Round.” He notes, “The song has legs, it’s alive and kicking and it’s a beautiful thing. If you’re going to call me a one-hit wonder, which we’re not, thank you very much, then we wrote the best f***** one hit we could possibly give you.”

The box set also features a 12-page replica tour book, with never-before-seen photos and more. Pearcy says all of the surviving members had some input in what photos were included in the set.

But fans shouldn’t hope that will lead to them working together more in the future. He jokes, “That’s about as close to a reunion as … as we’re gonna get.”

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