Jimmy Eat World & Manchester Orchestra release covers of each other ahead of joint tour

Exotic Location Recordings/Loma Vista Recordings

Jimmy Eat World and Manchester Orchestra launch a co-headlining tour next month, and to celebrate, they’ve released covers of each other’s songs.

“The Middle” rockers put their spin on Man O’s 2021 song “Telepath,” while the “I’ve Got Friends” outfit takes on the Clarity opener “Table for Glasses.”

“Manchester Orchestra is great at sitting you down, spinning your chair around and stopping it to show you are now somewhere else,” says Jimmy’s Jim Adkins. “We knew if we were going to cover an immersive song like ‘Telepath,’ we’d have to commit to ‘stopping the chair’ at bizzaro-Jimmy Eat World universe.”

“It was an absolute honor to trade covers with one of our favorite bands,” adds Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull. “We approached our cover with admiration for the original and had a blast exploring all of its spacious corners.”

You can listen to both covers now via digital outlets.

Jimmy Eat World and Manchester Orchestra’s co-headlining tour launches July 11 in Missoula, Montana.

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