Matty Healy zings Noel Gallagher: “He does an album to promote a series of interviews”

Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Say what you will about Matty Healy, but he got in a pretty good zinger at Noel Gallagher.

During a solo set in Dublin Wednesday, The 1975 frontman mentioned a few of the big-name artists who’ve shared their support for his band, including Coldplay‘s Chris Martin and U2‘s Bono, before bringing up that Gallagher called him a “slack-jawed f***wit” in a recent Spin interview.

After assuring the crowd that he actually “love[s]” Noel, Healy quipped, “The difference between me and Noel is that I do a series of interviews to promote an album, whereas he does an album to promote a series of interviews.”

“But we love you, Noel!” Healy continued. “Get Oasis back together!”

Perhaps the laughs and cheers from the crowd might cheer Healy up after his reported breakup from Taylor Swift. Video of Healy’s comments was posted to the Instagram account @bertrandrustles.

In said interviews — which, as Healy would put it, are promoted by Gallagher’s new High Flying Birds album, Council Skies — Noel has repeatedly challenged his estranged brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam Gallagher to call him if he wants to reunite. Liam has since responded by tweeting, “Listen Noel I know you check my tweets call me I’m actually concerned about you we all are you don’t seem yourself Cmon big guy pick it up.”

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