Anthem of the Gen Z Army: Greta Van Fleet brings rock to younger audiences

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Greta Van Fleet may have a classic rock sound, but they’ve attracted a young fan base. In an interview with ABC Audio, guitarist Jake Kiszka discusses how the “Highway Tune” rockers are bringing their sound to a new generation of fans who didn’t grow up listening to the genre.

“We have probably way more younger audience members now than ever before, and I just think it’s catching on,” Jake says.

Greta Van Fleet is made up of two millennial and two Gen Z members: Jake and his twin brother, frontman Josh Kiszka, are 26, while their younger brother, bassist Sam Kiszka, is 23, as is drummer Danny Wagner. As the Grammy-winning band gains traction among younger audiences, Jake says that inspiring a younger demographic is exciting for them.

“It’s cool to see all of these young people, and they’re looking up at us and we’re playing a show,” Jake says. “It’s like we’re doing something now for our generation in a way and … it feels special.”

During GVF’s Dreams in Gold tour this year, Jake saw Gen Z fans dress up en masse in ’60s-inspired hippie apparel, something he’s never seen at a concert before.

“The audience themselves have almost become part of our show, in a way,” Jake says, adding that the fans’ enthusiasm for dressing up influences how he presents himself, too.

“I know that if I’m putting together a suit, right, and going onstage, I know that someone’s going to emulate that,” he shares. “So, I’m putting extra thought into it.”

As the tour comes to a close later this year, Zoomers can look forward to more GVF music. The group’s been writing new material while on tour to follow 2021’s The Battle at Garden’s Gate, which Jake says could arrive in 2023.

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