Talking Heads’ Chris Frantz not happy with Bob Dylan comments

Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images

(Note Content) In Bob Dylan’s recent book The Philosophy of Modern Song he shares some big praise for Elvis Costello and The Attractions, while insulting other artists in the process. 

In an essay about Costello’s “Pump It Up,” Dylan writes, “Elvis Costello And The Attractions were a better band than any of their contemporaries. Light years better.” At least one of those contemporaries wasn’t too happy about that. 

Earlier this month Talking Heads Chris Frantz had some strong opinions about Dylan’s comments, writing on Facebook, “With all due respect to the Attractions and to drummer Pete Thomas in particular, I’d like to say to Bob something he once said to a buddy of mine. ‘Suck a d***.”

Well, now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Frantz is expanding on his thoughts, telling the mag, “When I read that, I just thought, ‘Jesus, Bob. I understand you dig Elvis Costello, but did you have to put it that way?’”

“I’m not trying to pit the Heads against any of the bands of that era,” Frantz notes. “There were so many good bands then, and I spent many nights at CBGB and saw a lot of superior performances,” adding, “But I would say to Bob, ‘How are you making such a sweeping generalization?’ I think it’s a very good book—despite that one chapter.”

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