London tattoo parlor offering to remove Kanye West tattoos free of charge

Neil Mockford/GC Images

A London tattoo parlor understands some fans of Ye — formerly known as Kanye West — who got ink tributes of the rapper might be feeling some buyer’s remorse, so they’re offering to remove them free of charge.

London-based NAAMA Studios took to Twitter to advertise the free tattoo removal service with the caption, “Yeezy come, yeezy go.”

Got a #kanyewest tattoo? Tag us,” the parlor continued, promising they’ll “remove your Kanye tattoos for free.”

NAAMA normally charges roughly $2,500 USD for a tattoo removal, Metro reports.

Briony Garbett, who works at the studio, told the outlet why they rolled out such an initiative. “People with Kanye tattoos were coming to us and you could hear how triggering it was for them, how embarrassing and shameful they felt, given he’s been making the headlines for the wrong reasons,” she said.

She continued that fans shouldn’t feel ashamed they got the tattoos in the first place. “They couldn’t have predicted what he was going to be saying or the things he would be standing for now,” said Garbett.

One of those removal appointments was made by a British fan named Alex Jones, who got a tattoo in 2016 honoring Ye’s 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

“It’s really kind of depressing to see someone that you like, who was your hero, start saying awful things about entire groups of people,” he said, adding that it’s been “quite a sad journey” watching Kanye’s fall from grace.

Multiple agencies and clothing brands severed ties with Ye over his antisemitic comments. He sparked international backlash after wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt during a Yeezy fashion show in Paris last month and tweeting, “I’m going death con 3 on Jewish people.”

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