Everclear premieres first new song in seven years, “Year of the Tiger”

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Everclear has released a new song for the first time in seven years.

The politically charged track is called “Year of the Tiger,” and makes its intentions clear with lyrics including “We are where we are because of all the big lies” and “I had a dream I saw a tiger in a MAGA hat.” Its title also refers to the Chinese zodiac sign for 2022 and 1962, the year frontman Art Alexakis was born.

“After all of the events of the last almost 3 years with COVID, worldwide shutdowns, the political debacle of 2020 … emanating from in and outside of MAGA world, I felt I needed to write a song that not just explained my anger and frustration, but a song that served as a mission statement,” says Alexakis. “I feel like the tiger should be the new symbol of the new Democratic party. We will not back down, we will not forget, we hit back, we challenge lies, and we refuse to be intimidated by ignorance or loud voices.”

You can listen to “Year of the Tiger” now via digital outlets and watch its accompanying lyric video streaming now on YouTube.

“Year of the Tiger” follows Everclear’s 2015 album, Black Is the New Black. In 2019, Alexakis released his debut solo album, Sun Songs.

Earlier this year, Everclear reissued their 1993 debut album, World of Noise, and launched a 30th anniversary tour. Next week, they’ll kick off a United Kingdom tour with Soul Asylum.

(Video contains uncensored profanity) 

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