An 150-acre property once owned by Willie Nelson — and seized by the IRS — is now up for sale

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Want to own a (not so) little piece of country music history? Now you can, if you’ve got a spare $2.5 million laying around.

A sprawling, Nashville-area, 150-acre property once owned by Willie Nelson is up for sale, according to The property includes pastures, trails and acres of secluded woods plus a log cabin. According to the listing, Willie acquired this property in the early 1960s.

Its famous owner isn’t the only thing that makes this house historic: It’s one of the assets the IRS seized in the early ‘90s after Willie racked up what the IRS estimated to be $32 million in tax debt.

According to Rolling Stone, Willie also had to part ways with RIAA-certified Gold and Platinum records, touring equipment and other possessions during that saga, but the IRS didn’t get his beloved guitar Trigger. After he caught wind that trouble was heading his way, he sent the instrument to his daughter.

Willie’s tax woes are confirmed fact, but as with any good country music story, the property is also home to its fair share of rumors. Some speculate that this property was also the scene of another house owned by Willie, which burned down on Christmas Eve of 1969.

The one thing the country singer is said to have saved when he rushed into the blaze? His guitar Trigger, of course.


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