Katy Perry plays nice with Kim Kardashian after dissing Pete Davidson

ABC/Eric McCandless

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson may no longer be an item, but that’s not stopping Katy Perry from apologizing for referencing the comedian last month.

To recap: Katy played a TikTok version of the game MASH and the future-predicting filter said Davidson was her lover. The Grammy winner — who is engaged to actor Orlando Bloom — grimaced at the thought, which caused Kim fans to cry foul.

A month later, Katy has finally made it right by sending Kim a beachy gift package filled with goodies from her footwear brand, Katy Perry Collections. In the ocean-themed box is a wooden sand shovel, an oyster-shaped clutch and a pair of adorable kitten-heeled sandals with oyster-shaped heels.  

The note in the box, which was signed by Katy, reads, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” 

Kim tagged the hitmaker and wrote “thank you.”

In other Katy news, the singer has teamed up with Apple to teach you some serious music remixing skills.  Fans will be able to attend special 30-minute sessions to learn how to remix her song “Harleys in Hawaii” on GarageBand.

“You’ll experiment with Live Loops, Remix FX, audio recording, and more to create a unique remix on the spot. Bring your iPhone or iPad or we’ll provide the latest,” the Apple website explains. 

These courses are available in most Apple store locations. You can find the one closest to you by visiting the Music Skills: Remix Katy Perry website.

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