“Blue in the Sky”: Dustin Lynch + more country stars who know how to fly planes

Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order to Dustin Lynch: He’s one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a pilot.

“Set a goal, and when you get there…man it always feels good! First solo flight today,” the singer wrote on Twitter earlier this week.

Dustin has been studying to get his pilot’s license for several months, so his first solo flight is a big step toward accomplishing his goal. Once he’s officially a pilot, he’ll be in good company. The singer is actually one of several country stars who know how to fly a plane.

Lots of fans know that Dierks Bentley is a licensed pilot — a fact he spoofed in the music video for his song “Drunk on a Plane” — but did you know that Tim McGraw can fly, too? In 2019, he even shared video proof as he piloted a Cirrus Aircraft vision jet during a trip to a music festival.

Alan Jackson also has his pilot’s license, but according to his website, he doesn’t use it much these days. “[My wife] Denise got tired of my flying and worrying about me,” he writes.

But the most impressive story of a pilot/country superstar might come courtesy of Kris Kristofferson. Before he made it in the music business, he was a helicopter pilot while serving in the military.

Legend has it that while Kris was struggling to make it as a country star in Nashville, he made a big impression on Johnny Cash by landing a chopper on the country legend’s lawn and hand-delivering a work tape of “Sunday Morning Coming Down” to his doorstep.

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